SEX POSITIONS. Different assemblages of individuals may be involved in team intercourse. Group Sex Oral Threesome with one male as well as 2 females : Different assemblages of men and women may be involved in team intercourse. While team intercourse will not mean that all participants should be in intimate connection with others simultaneously, some roles are just feasible with three or higher people.As aided by […]

What Exactly Is A Tilted Uterus? 5 Items To Find Out About How Exactly It Affects Your Sex-life (And Having A Baby)

The womb is an integral part of the female reproductive system where infants are conceived and grow. Generally, the womb is positioned right and upright. But, in about 20-30 per cent of females, the womb is tilted. This means that the uterus is “tipped” bac, so that it points towards the back of the pelvis […]