The info provided here provide an abundance of information regarding the overall faculties of self identified gay, lesbian

Footnote 10 As suggested by the reasonably low overall IHP mean score ( Table 3), participants generally speaking expressed good emotions about their intimate orientation identification. Certainly, just 6% of participants manifested an over-all pattern of contract with statements expressing negative emotions about one’s orientation that is sexuali.e., scored 4 or greater). The greatest level […]

Intimate relationships are recognized as important and normative…

Intimate relationships are grasped as normative and essential developmental experiences for adolescents (Collins et al. 2009), but LGBT youth may go through a wide range of social obstacles linked to dating same sex lovers that might have implications because of their development during adolescence as well as later on phases associated with life program (Frost […]

Brazil: circumstances of bisexual men and recourse available if they’re assaulted or threatened by authorities

The reference that is only the specific situation of bisexuals discovered among the list of sources consulted by the investigation Directorate is included in a 1997 article posted because of the Chicago Tribune. The report states that AIDS has also cast a shadow throughout the nation’s extensive tradition of bisexuality. Over fifty percent of Brazilian […]